Ensuring you gain the full benefits of integration with minimal complications

Typical SugarCRM Integration challenges

There are a number of things which we get asked about frequently when planning an integration between existing systems and SugarCRM. The most common concerns are:

  • Systems have proprietary data structures and architecture, maintaining data integrity.
  • Customer data fragmentation across multiple business applications, ability to centralize data
  • Risk of impact to internal systems during integration
  • Security risks moving data from one technical structure to another, maintaining authorization, authentication and user rights management.
All you requirements

Communication is key!

In order to have multiple systems communicate with SugarCRM, there is often a point where customization is required beyond the available framework and functionality. Utilizing SugarCRM's open source development platform, we are able to create custom functions and interfaces in order to bridge the gap between applications. We are also able to implement automated data handlers in order to reduce the amount of manual processing involved with transferring and sharing your data between systems.

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We would be happy to set up a call to have a chat and get a feeling for your business needs, as well as to offer some free advice as to how we can help you grow your business through the use of SugarCRM. What's more? We can actually demonstrate a customized SugarCRM as a Proof of Concept as to how your customized SugarCRM install would work!