consulting & implementation

Providing best-in-class implementation services to help you deploy SugarCRM quickly with minimum risk

We take care of SugarCRM Implementation challenges:

At 604media, we walk you through each phase of the implementation process so that you are never out of the loop. We ensure that you understand if there are any risks, what we have done to minimize the risks, and what our backup and contingency plans are in the event that something does go awry. We have been doing this for many years, and in that time we have had 0 incidents of data loss during an implementation (we are methodical in our practices).

We have seen and faced all manner of technical hurdles with implementation and as such, have a vast knowledge of what can go wrong and how to overcome it based on experience (and the experience of others - we read, a LOT).


Start with a free quote & Proof of Concept (POC) today!

We would be happy to set up a call to have a chat and get a feeling for your business needs, as well as to offer some free advice as to how we can help you grow your business through the use of SugarCRM. What's more? We can actually demonstrate a customized SugarCRM as a Proof of Concept as to how your customized SugarCRM install would work!