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SynoFieldMask: how to easily improve your SugarCRM data quality

With the module SynoFieldMask, developed by Synolia, you can easily improve your SugarCRM data quality by applying mask patterns to almost any field.

The plugin allows you to apply a mask of a defined fixed size pattern on input fields from any SugarCRM module like Accounts, Contacts, etc.

Set custom masks (data formatting rules) from phone numbers to dates to credit card numbers, to help your users to not enter data into a field in SugarCRM in the wrong format.

To install and use the SynoFieldMask module you must have access to an original version of SugarCRM installed on a server with full administration rights.
After installing, you will need to run a Quick Repair and Rebuild for SynoFieldMask to interact with your data properly. 
Then you can edit the rules for every module and every applicable field in that module from the SugarCRM admin panel.

Supported Editions of SugarCRM: Community, Professional, Corporate, Enterprise, Ultimate.

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