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SugarCRM becomes social!

We know that today the number of social media users has exploded worldwide and that businesses can’t ignore the most widely used social media platforms when it comes to connecting with their customer base.

So, SugarCRM has become social media friendly to get closer to customers: Social CRM is the integration of social media with CRM strategies for organizations that want to maximize the power of social interactions.

Sugar is fully Social CRM ready to integrate social media with your email marketing for online collaboration, document sharing and sales intelligence.

Social CRM lets businesses better engage with their customers: they can read customer sentiments and opinions about their products or services, reviews, comments etc.

The Social CRM capabilities and integrations are available for all subscriptions out of the box and include:

  • Social Media
    LinkedIn: see who you know or who can provide you with an introduction at a company
    Twitter: read tweets of all the people you follow in the Activity Streams dashlet and add the Twitter name to a contact or lead and read their tweets directly in the contact or lead record
  • Online Collaboration
    You can schedule, start or join online meetings directly from Sugar and share relate documents to any record in Sugar.



Positive Impacts of Social CRM:

  •   Access different Social CRM solutions directly from Sugar
  •   Keep sales people inside their CRM applications
  •   Use Sugar Studio, Cloud Connectors and Module Builder to easily add additional Social CRM capabilities
  •   Empower your employees with the latest social media capabilities

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