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How to ensure optimal performance of SugarCRM: OpCode Caching for PHP

We have already shown how to increase the performance of SugarCRM through the General Settings in a previous article.
But there are other tweaks to ensure optimal performance in Sugar and to help increase the efficiency amongst your users.
One of these is OpCode Caching, a performance enhancing extension for PHP.

Whether your instance of Sugar is deployed on a Linux or Windows server, you should utilize opcode caching to ensure optimal performance.
For Linux servers, APC is the recommended opcode cache for PHP with the following guidelines and settings:

  • Use the latest stable version
  • apc.shm size should be close to your program size. For Sugar, that’s at least 150 MB (default for apc.shm is 32 MB)
  • Iif your installation of Sugar is located on a network filesystem such as NFS or CIFS, make sure apc.stat is enabled
  • apc.ttl should be set to 0: this parameter disables garbage collection and can cause fragmentation
  • apc.shm_segments should be set to the default of 1
  • APC ships with an additional “apc.php” file that when hit with a browser, will show settings, cache information, and fragmentation


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