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6 ways to increase the performance in SugarCRM through the General Settings

Using SugarCRM over time, the size of your database can grow so much as to affect the performance of the CRM without a proper maintenance.

Learn how you can increase the performance of SugarCRM to help the efficiency amongst your users with 6 simple modifications in the Sugar admin interface.

  • Do Not Set Listview and Subpanel Items Per Page to Excessive Settings

Under Admin > System Settings, you can see two settings ‘Listview items per page’ and ‘Subpanel items per page’: the defaults for them are 20 and 10 respectively. 
It’s recommend to keep listview settings to 100 or less and subpanel settings to 10 or less to keep system performance optimal.

  • Make sure ‘Developer Mode’ is disabled under Admin > System Settings

It should never be enabled in a production environment as it causes cached files to be rebuilt on every page load.

  • Set the ‘Log Level’ to ‘Fatal’ and ‘Maximum log size’ to ’10M’ under Admin > System Settings

The log level should only be set to more verbose levels when troubleshooting the application as it will cause a performance degradation as user activity increases.

  • Ensure the scheduled job, ‘Prune Database on the 1st of Month’, is set to ‘Active’

This will go through your database and delete any records that have been deleted by your users.

  • Make sure ‘Tracker Performance’ and ‘Tracker Queries’ are disabled under Admin > Tracker

These settings are intended to help diagnose performance issues and should never be left enabled in a production environment.

  • Ensure large scheduler jobs are running at slower intervals under Admin > Scheduler

Jobs such as ‘Check Inbound Mailboxes’ can decrease overall performance if they are running every minute: it is important to set these jobs to every 5 or 10 minutes to help offset the performance impacts for your users.


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